Minecraft Server Setup Instructionals

file_downloadDownload MC Server v1.11.2

1. Download and unzip the Server JAR file and run.bat file (above). Keep these 2 files in their folder, as when you run it there will be new files generated.

2. Double click to open the run.bat file. You will see a command screen appear (see below).

3. Press any key to close the command window for now.

4. Go back to the folder and you will see new files created. Double click to open the eula.txt file.

5a. The third line states eula=false

5b. Change this to eula=true and save the file and close.

6. Double click the run.bat file again and the command window will appear. Let this run.

7. Your server is now live. Make sure you keep this window open in the background.

8. Now you need to connect to the server using your PC's Internal IP address. To find this press WIN + R

9. Type cmd and press enter.

10. Type ipconfig in the command window and press enter.

11. Write down the number that is next to IPV4 Address in my case This will be the address to connect to in Minecraft.

12. Open Minecraft, press multiplayer and then press add server.

13. Type in a Name, then type in the address Number you wrote down earlier. In my case as before it would be Then press Done.

14. Your New local MC server will now be added to the server selection screen.

15. You can now select the new server and press Join Server.

To close the server down correctly

16. Once everyone has disconnected, Go back to the server window and type stop and press enter.

17. You will see it saving the server state. Once it says Press any key to continue, press enter and that will shutdown the server and close the command window.

To run the server and play on it again.

Double click the run.bat file, Then open Minecraft, Press multiplayer and select the server and then press JOIN SERVER.